Yes, a Lot of People Are Getting Sick Right Now

WEBAccording to the CDC’s Nowcast tracker, a new COVID variant, JN.1, has been rapidly gaining ground in the U.S. It was estimated to make up more than 21 …

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This Is How Big Pharma Wins

WEBIn the post– Citizens United era, it is impossible to say exactly how much drug money sloshes through the system. In 2021, the industry reported spending $124 …

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26 Best Face Masks According to Doctors and Nurses The Strategist

WEBDoctors, nurses, and other health-care professionals tell us the fabric face masks they buy from brands like Buck Mason, Vistaprint, Casetify, Fruit of the Loom

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How to Get Free N95 Masks From the Government

WEBThe Biden administration is distributing 400 million free N95 masks through pharmacies and health centers nationwide. Here are all the details, including how to get …

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What If Ozempic Is Just a Good Thing

WEBIt isn’t just a matter of shedding fat and getting glucose under control; as a side effect of Ozempic’s potency, we’re gaining new insight into the relationship between …

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4 Explanations for the Teen Mental-Health Crisis

WEBCommander Biden’s bite count has jumped from 24 to 36 incidents, and the president witnessed at least three of them. The rates of depression and suicide among …

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9 Best Men’s Hair-Loss Treatments The Strategist

WEBBest laser comb for treating hair loss. HairMax Prima7 LaserComb. $199. Method: Red-light laser | Type of treatment: Rechargeable laser-emitting comb | Price: 6 …

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Best Alcohol-Free Mouthwash The Strategist

WEBBest mouthwash for cavity prevention. Listerine Total Care Alcohol-Free Anticavity Mouthwash (Pack of 2) $10 now 20% off. $8 for 2. “A lot of mouthwashes, …

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New York Metro: Best Vets

WEB236 East 75th Street (212-734-7480) Monday-Wednesday only. In practice for more than 35 years, Richard Greene trained most of the other surgeons on New York's list during his …

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Kate Middleton & King Charles: Latest News & Health Updates

WEBHere’s the latest news and health updates about King Charles and Kate Middleton, including what type of cancer they have, their return to public duties at …

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11 Best Shampoos 2024 The Strategist

WEBBest less-expensive shampoo. MONDAY Haircare Volume Shampoo. $7. Sulfate free | Scent: Floral | Size: 12 oz. For less than a third of the price of Malin and …

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New York City Heat Wave: It’s About to Feel Like a Furnace

WEBNew York City is about to get hit with its first official heat wave of the season. On Sunday, the National Weather Service said high temperatures and humidity are …

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The Prep-School Past of The Base Founder Rinaldo Nazzaro

WEBThe Base’s operations would eventually stretch far beyond Nazzaro.This past November, 18-year-old Richard Tobin, an alleged member of the Base in South …

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How Pat LaFrieda Has Reinvented the Burger

WEBA tall, square-jawed 38-year-old who could pass for an Army commander—he spent eight years in the reserves—Pat runs Pat LaFrieda Wholesale Meat Purveyors, a meat …

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Would Trump Use 150-Year-Old Law to Restrict Abortion

WEBTrump allies are already planning to enforce the 1873 Comstock Act to ban distribution of abortion pills and equipment by the mail. There’s no reason a safely …

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What’s the Deal With the Spike Lee Crypto Ad

WEBCoin Cloud, the little-known crypto ATM company suddenly being pitched by filmmaker Spike Lee, doesn’t operate in New York — where the ad was shot.

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Who Is Donald Trump Planning Revenge Against

WEBNew York Judge Juan Merchan Trump has repeatedly publicly attacked Judge Juan Merchan, who presided over the Manhattan hush-money trial in which a jury …

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Louisiana Ten Commandments Law Is Christian Nationalism

WEBSarah Jones writes that a new Louisiana law requiring public schools to display the Ten Commandments says everything about where Christian nationalism is now and …

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Can a Political Machine Save Bob Menendez’s Son, Rob

WEBBy Ben Jacobs, a reporter in Washington, D.C. Bob Menendez arrives in federal court in New Jersey last year accompanied by his son, Rob. Photo: Drew …

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Trump’s Tariff Is a Scheme to Shift Tax Burden to Non-Rich

WEBDonald Trump floated a plan to Republicans in Congress to replace the income tax with a tariff, the burden for which would fall overwhelmingly on the poor and middle …

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Bragg Has Been Deluged With Threats Since Trump’s Conviction

WEBEarlier this month, after Donald Trump was convicted on 34 counts in his hush-money trial, Trump’s legal team filed a request to have the gag order that had been …

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Trump, the Supreme Court, and the SEAL Team Six Scenario

WEBThe hypothetical of a president ordering a political assassination continues to haunt Trump’s quest for immunity, writes legal columnist Elie Honig.

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Amtrak, NJ Transit Delays: A Hellish Week for Commuters

WEBCommuters at the New Jersey Transit train platform at Penn Station in New York, US, on Tuesday, June 18, 2024. Photo: Yuki Iwamura/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Trump vs. Biden Polls: A Close Race Gets Even Closer

WEBTrump vs. Biden polls show that the race has gotten slightly closer after Trump’s conviction. Trump may have lost a bit of ground in a five-way race, but he still …

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