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Health Information NCCIH

For Health Care Professionals. Online resources and information about integrative medicine for health care professionals. Includes evidence-based …

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Vitamins and Minerals NCCIH

Most individuals can get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals through a healthy eating pattern of nutrient-dense foods. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015–2020 provides recommendations for specific populations, …

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NCCIH Clearinghouse NCCIH

The NCCIH Clearinghouse provides information on complementary health approaches and NCCIH, including publications and searches of Federal databases of scientific and medical literature. The Clearinghouse does not provide medical advice, treatment recommendations, or referrals to practitioners. Toll-free in the U.S.: 1-888-644-6226.

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Pediatrics NCCIH

Pediatrics. Data show that children engage in complementary health practices. Data from the 2017 National Health Interview Survey showed that among children ages 4 to 17, use of selected practices, such as yoga and meditation, …

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HerbList App NCCIH

Put an herb database in the palm of your hand Download HerbList™ – NCCIH's app for research-based information about the safety and effectiveness of herbal products.. Download the HerbList app today.. The herb info you need in an on-the-go package HerbList gives you fast, free access to science-based summaries on more than 50 popular herbs, such …

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Music and Health NCCIH

Music and Health. According to a growing body of research, listening to or making music affects the brain in ways that may help promote health and manage disease symptoms. Performing or listening to music activates a variety of structures in the brain that are involved in thinking, sensation, movement, and emotion.

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6 Things You Need To Know About Music and Health

A growing body of research suggests that listening to or performing music affects the brain in ways that may help promote health and manage disease symptoms. Music activates a variety of structures in the brain that are involved in thinking, sensation, movement, and emotion. These brain effects may have physical and psychological benefits.

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7 Things to Know About Mind and Body Practices for …

Here are 7 things to know about common mind and body practices for children and teens. Biofeedback, guided imagery, mindfulness, and yoga are some of the mind and body practices that have the best evidence of being effective for children and are low-risk. Acupuncture appears to be safe for most children, but side effects can occur if it’s

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Wellness and Well-Being NCCIH

Some people use complementary health approaches in an effort to promote general well-being or wellness, rather than to help manage symptoms of a health problem. For example, 2012 national survey data show that …

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Emotional Well-Being and Whole Person Health NCCIH

The concept of whole person health, which serves as a framework for our activities at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), is not limited to physical health alone. Psychological and social factors are also key aspects of the whole person, and they have major impacts on health promotion

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Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) NCCIH

Some complementary health approaches are showing promise as elements of a program of lifestyle change to help lower blood pressure. Research results suggest that some complementary health approaches, such as meditation, tai chi, qi gong, and yoga, may have small beneficial effects on blood pressure in people with hypertension.It’s uncertain whether relaxation …

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Health Restoration, Resilience, Disease Prevention, and Health

The evidence base for the efficacy and effectiveness of complementary and integrative approaches in the context of prevention, health promotion, resilience, and health restoration is limited and primarily includes studies of single systems at the individual level. NCCIH-funded studies have shown efficacy primarily for mindfulness-based stress

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Know the Science NCCIH

On this page you'll find tools to help you better understand complex scientific topics that relate to health research so that you can be discerning about what you hear and read and make well-informed decisions about your health. Know the Science features a variety of materials including interactive modules, quizzes, and videos to provide

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Reflecting on the International Congress on Integrative Medicine …

June 24, 2022. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) team recently had the opportunity to attend the International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health (ICIMH). It was a welcome chance to catch up with many old colleagues and make new connections.

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8 Things to Know About Meditation and Mindfulness NCCIH

Here are 8 things to know about what the science says about meditation and mindfulness for health: Mindfulness-based practices may be helpful for anxiety and depression. They are better than no treatment at all, and they may work as well as established evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Music and Health: What the Science Says NCCIH

A 2016 meta-analysis of 97 randomized controlled trials involving a total of 9,184 participants examined music-based interventions for acute or chronic pain associated with a variety of health problems and medical procedures. The overall evidence suggested that music-based interventions may have beneficial effects on both pain intensity and emotional distress from …

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Energy Drinks NCCIH

Energy drinks are widely promoted as products that increase energy and enhance mental alertness and physical performance. Next to multivitamins, energy drinks are the most popular dietary supplement consumed by American teens and young adults. Men between the ages of 18 and 34 years consume the most energy drinks, and almost one-third of teens

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