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Medical and health information

Here, we address 11 myths about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Among other topics, we cover exercise, body weight, and treatments. Medical Myths: All …

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Top Health News: Technology, Mental Health and More

The Medical News Today news team reports on emerging science, cutting-edge research, new treatments, and trending topics in health and medicine. All articles are written by our network of editors

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New monkeypox symptoms identified in 2022 outbreak: …

1 hour ago · Classic symptoms of monkeypox include: fever. malaise. sweats. headache. swollen lymph nodes. skin lesions. Tracking the spread of monkeypox and its symptoms is key for managing current and future

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Plant-based meat and dairy alternatives benefit health …

1 day ago · And the plant-based dairy alternatives market reportedly totaled $11 billion in 2020 with projections to hit $32 million in 2031. Now a new study from the …

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Mental health: Definition, common disorders, early signs, …

Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. We define mental health, explain different disorders, and assess potential treatments.

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Sexual health: Facts, information, and education

Information on male, female, and LGBTQIA+ sexual health, STIs, birth control, sexual practices, associated risks, mental health, existing conditions, and more.

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Dementia and incontinence: Causes and management

Summary. Incontinence can occur in the middle and late stages of dementia. Doctors generally define incontinence as the inability or limited ability to control when the body releases urine or

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Health awareness months: Calendar list

Health awareness months aim to raise awareness about certain health conditions and topics. Events may include social media campaigns, donation drives, and more.

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PFAS: Rainwater contains unsafe levels of ‘forever chemicals’

Dang Nguyen/EyeEm/Getty Images. For many years, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) — or “forever chemicals” — entered the natural environment, contaminating soil and water sources

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Vaccine hesitancy among Black, Hispanic adults: Influencing factors

6 hours ago · Higher rates of hospitalization and deaths due to COVID-19 in the Black and Hispanic communities may reduce the impact of vaccine-related worries. Studies suggest that factors such as younger age

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Best anxiety medication for older adults: Options and how to take

11 hours ago · Anxiety among older adults is a common health concern, but there are medications that may help to ease the symptoms. These can include duloxetine, escitalopram, buspirone, venlafaxine, and sertraline.

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The 10 best medications for sinus pressure

7 hours ago · Phenylephrine can ease stuffiness and sinus pressure and is available as a pill or a nasal spray. Neo-Synephrine, Sinex, Rhinall, and the pill form of Sudafed-PE all contain phenylephrine. 4

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Cardiovascular health: Heart-healthy, science-backed resources

Science-backed resources for cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular disease affects the heart and blood vessels. There are many types, including coronary …

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Men vs. women: Study challenges beliefs about which sex lives …

6 hours ago · Marital status plays a role. With couples, the researchers explain in the study, social ties impact health and longevity patterns. In the United …

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30 best activities for someone with dementia

Physical exercises. This section considers the best physical activities for someone with dementia. 13. Dance to music. Dancing can be a way for a person with dementia to be active. The CDC notes

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Is Lewy body dementia fatal

According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), how quickly the disease progresses will vary depending on the severity of the symptoms and a person’s age and overall health.. LBD is a

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K Health review: Everything you need to know for 2022

K Health is a telehealth company that provides a range of affordable doctor consultations via a mobile app. Available services include urgent care, …

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Why do so many men skip regular health checkups

Many men riskily assume they are healthier than others. A recent national survey in the United States found that 33% of men do not feel the need for yearly health screenings. The survey also found

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What is emotional health and well-being

Summary. Emotional well-being is how well people are able to process their emotions and cope with life challenges. Managing stress, fostering positive social connections, and taking care of

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What is health inequity

For example, health inequity: makes it more difficult to contain and treat infectious diseases. increases levels of crime and violence across communities. fuels …

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PFAS, diet, and health: What to know

PFAS — per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances — are synthetic chemicals with a myriad of industrial and cosmetic uses. However, their negative impacts on human health are extensive and continue

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COVID-19: Impact on sustainability and lessons learned

As attention moves from the pandemic, we must ensure it lands on the global environmental threats that are so inextricably linked to our health. One lesson from COVID-19 is that countries must

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Microaggressions: The impact on physical and mental health

Microaggressions’ direct impact on health. When a person experiences stress, it can lead to physiological responses, including elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, and the secretion of

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Sexual health problems in males: Types, causes, treatment, and more

Physical health: Physical health issues that may lead to sexual dysfunction can include hormone imbalances and diabetes. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, and using drugs can also cause

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Eczema, gut health, and the microbiome: Is there a link

Summary. Research suggests that there is a link between eczema and gut health. Specifically, it states that a person’s gut flora may influence the …

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Health equity vs. health equality: Definitions, examples, and more

Health equity focuses on fundamental justice. The goal is to ensure equal access to quality healthcare and good health, even if this …

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Peas: Nutrition, benefits, types, and more

Dietary fiber: 8.8 g. Sugars: 9.5 g. Fat: 0.4 g. Green peas are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and salt. They are a good source of protein, …

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Food as medicine: A debated concept

Here are some benefits of a “food as medicine” healthcare approach. Disease management . Medical nutrition therapy is a part of evidence …

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