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The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Reaping the mental health benefits of exercise is easier than you think. You don’t need to devote hours out of your busy day to train at the gym, sweat buckets, or run mile after monotonous mile to reap all the physical and mental health …

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Chronic Pain and Mental Health

Chronic Pain and Mental Health Living with chronic pain can affect your mood and outlook, which in turn can affect your perception of pain. But there are ways to break this vicious cycle and reclaim your sense of well-being. The link between physical pain and mental health. Physical pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something

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Mental Health in the Workplace

Workplace risk factors for mental health. Common work-related challenges that can negatively impact your mental health include: Long, inflexible hours, short-staffing due to cutbacks or unfilled vacancies, or an ever-increasing workload. Working remotely with no clear separation between work and personal time.

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Best Exercises for Health and Weight Loss

Push-ups and pull-ups using your own body weight as resistance. Squats, curls, or shoulder presses using dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands or tubes, or even cans of food or other heavy household objects. Deadlifts or bench …

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International Mental Health Helplines

Mental health. National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI HelpLine: 1-800-950-6264 or text NAMI to 741-741. Crisis Support Services national helpline: 800-273-8255. SAMHSA’s National Helpline (substance abuse and mental health): 800-662-HELP (800-662-4357) Teen Line for youth in need of support: 800-852-8336.

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Healthy Eating Home Page

Healthy Eating. Food plays an important role in either supporting or undermining your physical and mental health. Learn about nutrition, making better choices, and how to maintain healthy eating habits while still enjoying food and life.

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Illness & Disability Home Page

Health is often taken for granted, until it’s gone. Whether you’re coping with a disability, a serious illness, or the strain of caregiving, these articles can provide you with hope and strategies for coping with challenges. Long COVID. …

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Well-being & Happiness Home Page

Well-being & Happiness. Looking after your emotional well-being is just as important as caring for your physical health. By actively nurturing wellness, you’re better able to handle life’s challenges and bounce back when bad things happen.

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Exercise & Fitness Home Page

Whatever your age, health limitations, or fitness levels, you can find ways to be more active. Even small steps can add up to more energy, less stress, and better mood. The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise. The exercise prescription for …

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Hearing and Mental Health

People with hearing loss are at a higher risk of developing depression and experiencing suicidal thoughts. You might grieve the loss of hearing certain sounds or wrestle with feelings of isolation. Perhaps you feel that hearing loss also restricts your ability to be autonomous, which can affect your sense of self-worth.

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HelpGuide's Collaboration with Harvard

HelpGuide’s Collaboration with Harvard. Learn from the experts at Harvard Medical School, courtesy of HelpGuide’s collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing. Explore exclusive excerpts adapted from Harvard’s Special Health Reports and select Harvard Health books.

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Finding Joy During Difficult Times

By doing this, even during the most difficult or distressing times, your gratitude practice will help bring your circumstances into perspective, indirectly create joy, and keep you grounded. Spend time in a vision practice. Close your eyes and focus on your very favorite place, person, mantra, prayer, or even vacation.

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Social Media and Mental Health

The role social media plays in mental health. Human beings are social creatures. We need the companionship of others to thrive in life, and the strength of our connections has a huge impact on our mental health and happiness. Being socially connected to others can ease stress, anxiety, and depression, boost self-worth, provide comfort and joy

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Gratitude: The Benefits and How to Practice It

Physical health benefits. Gratitude can also come with plenty of physical benefits as well. For example, as your gratefulness reduces your stress and brings you closer to loved ones, you may see a decrease in your blood pressure and levels of inflammation. This can give way to better overall cardiovascular health.

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Healthy Food for Kids

Healthy food for kids starts with breakfast. Kids who enjoy breakfast every day have better memories, more stable moods and energy, and score higher on tests. Eating a breakfast high in quality protein—from enriched cereal, yoghurt, milk, cheese, eggs, meat, or fish—can even help teenagers lose weight.

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What to Expect When Calling a Helpline

Here are a few other things to keep in mind during the helpline chat: Don’t feel rushed. You can take your time to gather your thoughts throughout the conversation. These calls are free and many lines are available 24/7. You don’t have to disclose any details you’re uncomfortable sharing. Your problems matter.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The goal is to provide tools that can be applied to manage unhealthy thinking and behavioral patterns in order to reduce distress. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be useful for treating many different issues, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, and eating disorders. It can also help with emotional trauma, dealing with grief

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How Dogs Boost the Mental Health of Children, Adults, and the …

The incredible effects of dogs on the mental health of children are well-researched and science-backed. A pediatric study done by Australian researchers found that children aged 3-5 years old with dogs at home were more sociable and well-behaved than their peers without dogs at home. Naturally, being more socially adjusted can play a role in a

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