Health Workforce Data

WEBThe Healthcare Workforce Clearinghouse serves as the central source for collection, analysis, and distribution of information on the healthcare workforce employment and …

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URL: https://hcai.ca.gov/workforce/health-workforce/workforce-data/

Office of Health Care Affordability (OHCA)

WEBThis program analyzes health care market for cost trends and drivers of spending and enforces health care cost targets.

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FQHC List Public

WEBSearch the list of approved Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC). To secure employment, applicants should contact sites to discuss employment opportunities.

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Workforce Stability Standards

WEBThe following are the Workforce Stability Standards to advance the stability of the health care workforce. These standards are best practices that health care entities should …

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Healthcare Facility Attributes

WEBFacility Profiles – Interactive map to find a summary profile of facility information, including license, service level, revenue, payer mix, length of stay, and building safety information. …

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California Takes Another Step to Improve Health Care Costs, …

WEBIn support of California’s efforts to reduce health care costs and disparities, as well as efforts to improve care, the state’s Health Care Payments Data Program, also known as …

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Community Health Workers, Promotores & Representatives

WEBCommunity Health Workers, Promotores, and Representatives (CHW/P/Rs) have long provided critical preventive, promotive, and referral services for communities in …

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California to Award Certified Wellness Coach Scholarships to

WEBThe State is offering scholarships of up to $35,000 per student to fund Certified Wellness Coaches.

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Find HCAI Funding Opportunities on the New California Grants …

WEBThe California State Library, in partnership with the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) and other state grant-making agencies, has launched the California …

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California Awards Over $125 Million in Employer Support Grants

WEBBeginning in the fall of 2024, newly awarded Employer Support grants will provide resources to hire Certified Wellness Coaches and stipends to support Certified Wellness …

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Cost Transparency

WEBHospital and long-term financials, Chargemasters, prescription drug costs, and more to support and advance healthcare cost transparency.

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Hospital Bill Complaint Program

WEBCalifornia’s Department of Health Care Access and Information is responsible for enforcing the Hospital Fair Pricing Act (Act) beginning January 1, 2024, through its Hospital Bill …

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Loan Repayment Programs

WEBLoan repayment programs offer financial support to health professionals who agree to provide direct patient care in medically underserved areas (for a qualified facility). …

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Del Amo Behavioral Health System

WEBThe amount received or expected to be received from third-party payers (insurers) and patients for hospital services provided. Net revenue includes the payments received for …

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Certified Wellness Coach Certification Specific Questions

WEBCertified Wellness Coach II (CWC II) The following requirements need to be met in order to qualify for certification: Degree: Bachelor’s degree or higher from a California college of …

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Healthcare Utilization

WEBPatient-level administrative data abstracted from individual patient records and facility-level utilization data on healthcare services from hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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California State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

WEBThe California State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) increases the number of primary care physicians, dentists, dental hygienists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, …

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Submit Facility Utilization Data (SIERA)

WEBThe System for Integrated Electronic Reporting and Auditing (SIERA) provides health facilities to easily submit annual utilization reports, view and revise submitted annual …

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