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WEBWomen's health news, exercise tips and advice for healthy living according to top medical professionals.

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110 Health Quotes to Motivate You

WEBLet these health and wellness quotes inspire you to live your best life.

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What an Oncologist Eats for Breakfast To Reduce Cancer Risk

WEBFood can help reduce cancer risk, so what's for breakfast? An oncologist discusses her favorite breakfast for cancer prevention (or at least risk reduction).

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The Healthiest Breads, According to Dietitians

WEBWhat's the healthiest bread to eat? It depends on your goals, but registered dietitians share a favorite, plus ways to enjoy it.

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How to Unclog Arteries Naturally, According to Cardiologists

WEBFind out ways to unclog your arteries naturally, according to cardiologists, and what causes clogged arteries in the first place.

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The Super Simple Habit My Cardiologist Dad Swears By

WEBMy dad, a preventative cardiologist and research scientist at NYU’s Langone hospital, recommends getting more frequent exercise with simple lifestyle changes.

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50 Mindfulness Quotes To Inspire and Ground You

WEBLearn how to live in the present with 50 mindfulness quotes from Parade, a source of entertainment, health, and lifestyle news.

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What Happens to Your Body if You Eat a Peach Every Day

WEBWhat happens to the body if you eat peaches every day? Registered dietitians shared the health benefits and risks of eating peaches daily, plus ways to enjoy this fruit.

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Coke Zero vs. Diet Coke: Which One Is Healthier

WEBRegistered dietitians explain how Diet Coke compares to Coke Zero (and regular Coke) and reveal what the healthiest option is.

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Morgan Wallen Provides Health Update Amid Show Cancellation

WEBCountry music star Morgan Wallen provides fans with a health update after announcing the cancellation of three scheduled concerts.

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Unexpected Way to Help Prevent COVID, Infectious Disease

WEBInfectious disease experts are urging people to stop doing this one thing in order to prevent COVID-19 in the summer 2024 surge.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gives Health Update 6 Years After Breast

WEBJulia Louis-Dreyfus Gives Health Update 6 Years After Breast Cancer Diagnosis The actress is reflecting on the tumultuous feelings that came with her diagnosis.

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Sam Neill Provides Heartbreaking Update on Cancer Battle

WEBNew Zealand actor Sam Neill shared a serious update on his blood cancer treatment not long after first revealing the diagnosis early this year–read his statement.

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Neil Diamond Opens Up About His New Album and Living With

WEBNeil Diamond talks exclusively with Parade about why he can no longer tour, making his new album and the song he never thought would become a hit.

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How Is Tom Selleck's Health

WEBTom Selleck's health has been the subject of tabloid reports, with claims that his arthritis is so bad he needed a stunt double on 'Blue Bloods.' Find out more..

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#1 COVID Symptom in July 2024 Surge, According to Infectious

WEBThis is the No. 1 symptom of the new COVID surge, according to infectious disease experts and epidemiologists. Find out how to protect yourself.

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Sinbad's Family Shares Update About His Health Two Years After

WEBSinbad's family shared a touching update on his health through the comedian's Instagram page. He suffered an ischemic stroke back in 2020.

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Is Selena Gomez Sick

WEBWhat illness does Selena Gomez have? Selena Gomez has spent decades of her young life battling both physical and mental health problems. The …

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Pink Cancels Concert Hours Before Due to Medical Concerns

WEBPink, who is currently on her Summer Carnival tour across Europe, canceled her Wednesday, July 2, concert in Bern, Switzerland, after being advised by her medical …

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The Amazing Race 33: Lulu and Lala Gonzalez Post-Elimination

WEBIt seems only natural that Lulu and Lala Gonzalez would suffer twin fates at the beginning and end of their time on The Amazing Race 33. The radio hosts …

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Who Does Joey Pick

WEBWho did Joey Graziadei pick on The Bachelor 2024? Find out who gets his first date rose, who gets hometown visits and who makes his final three.

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Joey Graziadei’s Bachelor Contestants 2024

WEBMeet 'The Bachelor' cast vying for Joey Graziadei's heart in 2024. See the Bachelor contestants in Season 28 vying for that final rose.

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