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Health Problems (for Kids)

Health Problems. Even kids can have health problems. Some problems are serious - and some are not so serious. You can get all the info you need about health problems like cancer, asthma, muscular dystrophy, and more.

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General Health (for Parents)

General Health. Keeping your child healthy is a big job! Read all about common childhood aches, pains, and illnesses, plus how to take care of your child's body from teeth to toes.

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Health Screening Tests (for Parents)

Health screening tests are routine tests that check for problems before signs show up. Finding problems early can make treating them easier and more effective. Health care providers screen for health problems during routine checkups. Many schools screen for health issues too, like when the school nurse does yearly hearing and vision tests.

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Health Information

KidsHealth is the #1 most-trusted source for physician-reviewed information and advice on children's health and parenting issues. For parents, kids, teens, and educators, in English and in Spanish. Health Information - Main Line Health

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Sexual Health (for Teens)

Sexual Health. Learn the facts about sexual health with articles about puberty, menstruation, infections, and just about everything else you wanted to know, for guys and girls.

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Health Information for Parents

In the United States, every newborn is tested for genetic and other conditions that aren't obvious at birth. A simple blood test lets doctors find out if a baby has one of several health problems so that treatment can start right away if needed. Find out more. What are lymphatic malformations? A lymphatic malformation is a clump of lymph vessels.

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Teens (for Teens)

This site offers support and advice on health, emotions, and life — created for people 13–18 and approved by doctors.

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Anorexia (for Parents)

Anorexia is an eating disorder. People with anorexia (an-eh-REK-see-uh) are very afraid of gaining weight. They have unrealistic views of their body and try to eat as little as possible. They also might exercise too much or do other things to lose weight. Most people with anorexia (also called anorexia nervosa) are female, but boys can have it too.

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About KidsHealth (for Parents)

Nemours Children's Health is committed to transforming the health of all kids. As part of our efforts, we founded in 1995. Since then, KidsHealth's articles, videos, animations, print publications, and health instructions have had billions of visits. is the most-viewed site for dependable information on children's

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Nutrition & Fitness Center for Kids

Note: All information on KidsHealth® is for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor.

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Medical Care and Your 6- to 12-Year-Old

During the visit, your child's blood pressure, vision, and hearing will be checked. Your child may be screened for anemia, tuberculosis, or high cholesterol. The flu vaccine, given before flu season each year, also is recommended. All kids 5 and older should get a COVID-19 vaccine, and booster shots are recommended for those age 12 and older.

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How the Body Works: Articles (for Kids)

How the Body Works: Articles. Reviewed by: KidsHealth Medical Experts. en español Cómo funciona el cuerpo: Artículos. Your body has so many amazing parts. Learn more about them in these articles — perfect for school assignments! Bones & Skeletal System article. Brain & Nervous System article. Digestive System article. Ears article.

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How the Body Works (for Kids)

How the Body Works. Your body is a brilliant machine with many important parts. Watch movies, read articles, and do activities to find out more.

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Staying Healthy (for Kids)

Being Good to My Body. A Kid's Guide to Shots. Alcohol. Bad Breath. Be a Fit Kid. Colds. Dehydration. Glasses and Contact Lenses. Going to the Audiologist.

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Videos (for Parents)

Health Videos. Caring for Your Child's Teeth (Video) Cerebral Palsy: Ira's Story (Video) Cerebral Palsy: Parents Talk (Video) Cerebral Palsy: Shannon's Story (Video) Coronavirus (COVID-19): How YOU Can Stop the Spread (Video) Does My Child Need an Antibiotic? (Video) Dwarfism: Emily's Story (Video) Helping Your Toddler Sleep (Video)

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About KidsHealth (for Kids)

Welcome to KidsHealth! Who We Are. Nemours Children's Health is committed to transforming the health of children by going beyond medicine to improve the health of the world in which every child lives. We founded in 1995. Since then, KidsHealth's articles, videos, animations, print publications, and health instructions have been visited billions of times.

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