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Tips & Tricks

Tips for good health. From waking up in the morning to spending 20 minutes under the sun at certain times of the day, this is where you will find such information. They are …

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Top health tips Healthcare Malaysia

Top health tips . Your general health and well-being is a crucial part of life. This is self-explanatory because in order to stay alive, the most important thing is to keep your body …

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GHHS Healthcare Healthcare Malaysia

The GHHS Healthcare is the health division operated by Country Heights Holdings Berhad, one of the largest and most reputable property developers in Malaysia. …

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Pharmacies in Malaysia

Health Lane Family Pharmacy offers a one-stop center for its customers who need to consult the pharmacist, nutritionist or dietician when required. Multicare Pharmacy. …

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Unbelievably Great Things Happen When You Eat Healthy

Health is more than wealth. A strong and healthy body translates to a fuller, happier life. We all think that achieving optimal health is difficult, but in fact you only need to …

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Anaemia Healthcare Malaysia

Anaemia or anemia is a health disease which can happen to any person at any age. It is a condition where the blood system in the body lacks healthy red blood cells. This is known as …

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Antioxidants Healthcare Malaysia

Antioxidants are among the most powerful agents your body needs. They help you to maintain good health and your general well being. Why antioxidants? The main source of antioxidants …

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Tips to Healthy Eating Healthcare Malaysia

Health is one of the most talked about topics in the world today. With the rising population around the globe and the issues of environment and global warming, people in all societies and …

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How healthy is the Pineapple

Pineapples are often regarded as a superfruit and is widely available in most tropical countries. It is taken as a natural fruit, as toppings in pizza and other foods as well as made into juices and s

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What Are Probiotics

Probiotics is one of the common health supplements which are widely available in the market today. Where they are usually found in supplements and other nutritional products, probiotics …

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The 10 top hospitals in Malaysia

It has branches around the country which include Batu Pahat, Sungai Petani, Klang, Ayer Keroh as well as a few in the Klang Valley. Pantai Hospital in Bangsar is among …

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Shaklee Healthcare Malaysia

Shaklee is one of the most established names in the health and wellness market. Offering a comprehensive range of products in the general wellbeing and personal care sectors …

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Top 5 Detox Foods Healthcare Malaysia

According to a recent study, there is no such thing as a type of food which can be truly or fully detoxifying. So with the festive season now almost over and done with, what can you do to …

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Top 10 killer diseases in Malaysia

This refers to many types of occurrences which could be stemmed from a person with mental health issues, depressions or other symptoms. In 2014, falls caused 1,611 …

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How to tell an egg which is healthy

Eggs are very important foods in our daily diet which is high in Irons. It is almost a standard dish in the Malaysian meal where it can be fried, cooked, boiled and mixed in every way possible. Half-b

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Parsley – This Amazing Kidney Healing Plant

As such, protecting the kidney and ensuring that it is in the best conditions at all times would be vital to general health and wellbeing. When a person has kidney problems, the …

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