Dalmatian Diet and Purine Problems

As a lesson from our own experiences over the years, it’s easy to get fixated on specific health factors, including purine. But the body is a complex machine with a broad spectrum of needs. It’s extremely important that any dog’s diet be balanced, nutritionally complete, and suited to the health, age, and activity level of the dog.

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Super Simple DIY Dog Treats Using Coconut Oil

WebMaking the Treats: Melt coconut oil and peanut butter. If melting separately, mix the prepared liquids together well. Pour into moulds. Refrigerate until completely set before removing from moulds. Store refrigerated as coconut oil will soften or melt at ambient …

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Free Pet Information Sheet Printables

WebKeep your pet’s vital information readily available for emergencies or quick reference with our free pet information sheet template. These free printable emergency information and record sheets for pets to help you consolidate key information for your first aid kit, go …

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Dog Diets: Mixed Feeding, Rotation, and Homemade …

WebDue to health factors, we’ve made significant changes in our feeding plan for Humphrey. He’s currently on a rotation of freeze-dried raw and air-dried food as his primaries, with a small amount of other ready-made, fresh raw, and home cooked foods. We also include …

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Simple Stock and Gelatin Homemade Gummy Dog Treats

WebThe purported health benefits of gelatin for dogs are similar to humans: supporting healthy cartilage and connective tissue, countering “leaky gut” and maintaining a healthy balanced digestive system, reducing inflammation and joint pain, supporting cardiovascular health, …

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Dalmatian DIY Home of DIY for Dogs!

WebDalmatian DIY is where a love of dogs and creativity collide. Join us for homemade dog treats and recipes, DIY toys and other pet-related crafts, parties and special celebrations, and other goodies for furkids and their humans. Woofs!

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DIY Whipped Dog Paw Balm and Body Butter

WebMaking the butter balm: In a small pot, pan, or double boiler, stir the shea butter, mango butter, and coconut oil over low heat until melted to combine. In a suitable bowl, combine the sweet almond or olive oil with the (optional) arrowroot flour. Pour the melted butters …

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Using Natural Food Colouring for Homemade Dog Treats

WebColoured Dog Treat Ingredient Options. Here are some of my go-to natural colouring ingredients for homemade dog treats: RED – Beetroot, Strawberry, Raspberry. PINK – Beetroot, Strawberry, Raspberry. ORANGE – Turmeric, Pumpkin, Squash, Carrot, Sweet …

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Tips for Keeping a (Mostly!) Clean Dog-Friendly Home

WebFeeding a well-balanced quality diet is essential for general health, including helping to support healthy skin and coat. Generally, our boys (thankfully!) don’t smell doggy, with the exception of the classic wet coat smell on rainy days. A healthy diet can also help to …

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DIY Fleece Blankets (Single Layer) with Bound Edges

WebLower the foot and sew along the crease line all the way to the edge. Remove the item from the machine. Refold the tape upwards 90 degrees. Ensure it is in line with the next side (perpendicular to the current side), then make another fold downwards at the edge.

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Homemade Baked Dog Treat Shelf Life and Storage

WebIt’s important to allow the finished treats to cool thoroughly prior to storage. Putting warm treats into a container will trap residual steam and/or moisture, which can accelerate spoilage. Wait for them to reach ambient temperature first. Once completely cooled, …

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Tasty Turkey and Turmeric Meatball Dog Treats

WebCombine the egg, turkey, flax, and optional seasonings in a stain-resistant bowl. Mix in the oats. Rest briefly (optional). If using an optional add-in for consistency/handling, knead it into the mixture to combine to the desired consistency for shaping. Roll into small mini …

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Crunchy DIY Dehydrated Fish Jerky Dog Treats

WebDehydrated Fish Jerky Treat Making Tips and Tricks. There are a variety of jerky recipes on the blog, but a great starting point is the comprehensive post on making and storing homemade jerky and other dehydrated dog treats.It will take you through the basics of …

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DIY Cotton Flannelette Dog Blankets and Dry Cloths

WebMark a line on the diagonal through that square, passing through the corners and to the edges of the fabric. Trim off the corner along that line. Fold the cut edge inwards so that the creases meet, and iron to hold. Refold the edges on the first fold line and iron to hold. …

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Decorating Homemade Baked Biscuit Dog Treats

WebPre-baking glazes and washes can be made with a water, milk, or egg-base and optional tints, just like decorating human cookies. A light wash, like the carob wash on our mummy bone Halloween treats, can be used to add colour or accentuate stamped patterns. A …

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DIY Homemade Natural Dog Paw Balm (Paw Wax)

WebMaking the paw balm: In a small pot or double boiler, stir together over low heat until melted to combine. Add a small quantity of Vitamin E oil (optional) and pour into small tins or jars. Cool at room temperature until firm, check consistency (you can re-melt and adjust if …

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Easy No-Sew DIY Dog Bandana

WebMaking a No Sew Fold-Over Dog Bandana. Cut a square such that the diagonal corner-to-corner fold (forming a triangle) is big enough to fit loosely around your pet’s neck, plus a little extra to tie a small knot. If you aren’t comfortable with estimating the size, you can use a …

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DIY Dress Shirt Dog Collars (and How to Adjust Collar Size)

WebTo keep the joint roughly centred at the back when worn, take half of the required amount from each cut edge so that the cut remains centred. Position the collar pieces together insides facing, so that the right-side-out will be the inside and visible fold of the collar. …

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Making Your Own Simple Dog Bed Insert Cushions

WebThe starting point for our DIY dog bed insert cushions was an inexpensive single bed foam mattress. Total cost: NZ$59 (US$41 at current exchange rates). This was cut to size in three foam pieces. Two were measured to suit the tapestry trunk top and black window seat …

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How to Sew Drawstring Dog Treat Bags

WebStitch a small hem on each of your angled notches to secure the edges. Fold and sew your drawstring sleeve, taking care to ensure that the top seam is folded inside and sewn into place under your hemline. Refold along your middle crease. Iron again to make sure that …

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Choosing and Using a Senior Dog Stroller

WebThe key considerations when buying a dog stroller are the dog’s size and weight and intended use.. From there it becomes a matter of other nice-to-have features, budget, and availability. I wanted a stroller that would comfortably accommodate Oli and was robust …

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Beef, Carrot, and Banana Dog Birthday Cake

WebMash the banana in a mixing bowl and mix in your egg, carrot, and yogurt. Stir in the bran and let the ingredients sit briefly so that the bran absorbs some of the moisture from the wet ingredients. Add the flour, baking powder, and beef to the mixing bowl and gently stir …

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