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Covid global health emergency is over, WHO says

WEBCovid global health emergency is over, WHO says. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that Covid-19 no longer represents a "global health …

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How your microbiome can improve your health

WEBThe myriad of microorganisms that live happily inside and on our bodies could change the future of human health.

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World Health Organization (WHO)

WEBAlarming 45-fold rise in measles in Europe - WHO. Urgent measures are needed now to stop further spread, the World Health Organization says. 23 Jan …

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The health gap: How women experience the medical system

WEBA special series about how men and women experience the medical system – and their own health – in starkly different ways.

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How your sense of smell predicts your overall health

WEBThe effect that disease can have on our sense of smell has been thrown under the spotlight by Covid-19, but what else can we learn about our health from our …

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Brazil health service in 'worst crisis in its history'

WEBBrazil is experiencing a historic collapse of its health service as intensive care units in hospitals run out of capacity, its leading health institute, Fiocruz, has warned.

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Mike Nesbitt: Addressing inequalities 'central to health reform'

WEBHealth Minister Mike Nesbitt has announced a series of planned initiatives for the next six months.

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NHS: Health Secretary Wes Streeting 'stunned' by NHS failings

WEBWes Streeting says there is "worse to come" as he orders a review into the health service.

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How your mindset determines your health

WEBHow your mindset determines your health. It’s not just how much exercise you do but how you compare yourself with your friends that really determines your …

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France's health system under pressure of increasing demands

WEBFrance's health system under pressure of increasing demands. The UK's health system is buckling under the weight of staff shortages and a lack of beds. In …

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What do we know about King Charles' cancer diagnosis

WEBKing Charles is returning to public-facing duties after a period of treatment and recuperation.

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How city life affects your health and happiness

WEBHow city life affects your health and happiness. Links between urban pollution and respiratory diseases drive most calls to clean our cities’ air. But the effect …

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Junior doctors: Wes Streeting brands NHS 'broken' ahead of talks

WEBWes Streeting says the health service is experiencing "the biggest crisis in its history".

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Shropshire charity praised for helping Hereford woman's mental …

WEBRuth Trinder, from Hereford, says the outdoor charity helped her after mental health struggles.

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Prevention better than cure in Cuban healthcare system

WEBHealthcare in Cuba is free and universal, enshrined in the Cuban constitution as a fundamental human right, guaranteed by the state. And the foundation …

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More clinics to increase MMR jab take up in Kent

WEBExtra community clinics are being opened across Kent in a bid to get more families to take up the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine for their children.

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Dowland wildflower display raises money for mental health

WEBVillagers have created a meadow of 7,000 paper flowers to raise funds for children and mental health charities. The display is open every weekend in July at St …

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Grantham councillor to skydive for mental health charity

WEBElvis Nash will complete the challenge to raise money for a men's mental health group in Grantham.

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Health and Safety Law posters

WEBHealth and Safety Law posters HSE Health and Safety law posters tell workers what they and their employers need to do in simple terms. They must be …

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Was this the US’ first film town

WEBFort Lee's days of movie stardom may have been a flash in the pan, but the New Jersey town’s role in the history of film is unmistakable.

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Ireland report clean bill of health for second SA Test

WEBAll 35 players in the Ireland squad train on Wednesday in preparation for facing South Africa this weekend.

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